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Where to go for quality and reliable ritual services

10:00 / 09.05.2019
Where to go for quality and reliable ritual services

In the Russian Federation there are a large number of funeral homes that provide funeral services to all in need. But with foreign citizens temporarily in the country, such companies do not work due to the lack of relevant experience. About where to go for these purposes will be discussed below.

Rules of working with foreign citizens

Any foreign citizen dying in the territory of the Russian Federation must be repatriated to the country of his permanent residence according to certain rules. These rules are dictated by current legislation. First, the body is sent to the district morgue to determine the cause of death. Sometimes the cause of death is obvious, so the body goes to the morgue for a while.

Without documents, the Morgue staff will not be able to store the body. Therefore, persons dealing with this issue should have on hand a package of documentation. To deal with these problems should be professionals from a ritual company. But first you need to choose the company.

On the territory of all Russia, the oldest and largest funeral home bureau - En.Ritual.ru deals with such issues. The work is performed on the same principle, with the provision of all guarantees of reliability and quality of services. The company undertakes the following types of work:

The company offers a full range of funeral services, including repatriation to Russia. Prices for services are set individually. We understand that misfortune can occur at any time. Payment for the work is done in the form in which it is convenient for the client.

Every month our company serves over 1,000 foreign citizens who need help in organizing funerals. To do this, it is necessary to ensure the repatriation of the body outside the country, without violating the rules of this complex procedure.

All services are divided into separate packages, the price of which is different. So all interested parties will be able to correctly calculate their financial capabilities. Each package includes the complete organization of all activities with the delivery of the body of the deceased to the destination.

Only municipal funeral services provide free services. To save money, customers need to contact such companies. One of them is En.Ritual.ru. Here you are sure to help solve your problem.

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